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My name is David Caine and I’m your Unclaimed Money Recovery Agent.

About David Caine

Hi everyone.

My name is David Caine and I’m your Unclaimed Money Recovery Agent.

I have an extensive background in Policing and Insurance Investigation and I’ve found this experience to be invaluable when recovering unclaimed money. I don’t have staff. That’s right! No secretary, no receptionist, no researchers. Just me!

What I do have however is experience, commitment, due diligence, extensive data base access and a dogged perseverance to retrieve YOUR money.

You’d be surprised how much unclaimed money is sitting with State and Federal Government departments. It’s gotten that large that these agencies do not have the staff or resources to track down legitimate owners of these funds.

That’s where I come in!

As a recovery agent it’s my job to firstly, locate unclaimed money. Secondly, locate and validate the lawful owners of this money. And thirdly co-ordinate the release of these funds and reunite them with their rightful owners.

Seems pretty straight forward? It’s not!

This is an extremely time consuming and tedious operation. Also the financial institutions and ASIC have exacting conditions that MUST be met before they’ll refund unclaimed money.

I know the processes and procedures required to have these funds released or refunded in full as well as in a timely manner.

I will never ask you for your bank details.


Claim Your Money!